prelims book list

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subject name  books pages
history our past part 1 12
our past part 2 19
modern india old ncert 46
medieval india
ancient india
themes of indian history I 19
themes of indian history II 30
fine arts 48
performing arts 5
modern india bipin chandra
art and culture 116
GK TODAY (optional ) 500
polity laxmi kanth
environment from science 20
environmental chemistry 15
physical environment 43
chaitanya material (optional)
environment and ecology 193
science 6th 7
7th 23
8th 10
9th 11
10th 24
general science
geography earth our habitat
our environment
resources and development
contemporary india I
contemporary india II
fundamentals of physical geography 96
physical environment
human geography 27
india people and economy
physical geography leon
majid hussain (optional)
economy 9th class
understanding economic development 6
indian economic development 41
macroeconomics 20
microeconomics 18
india people economy 60
mrunal basic notes
economic survey
misc year book
 Pib summary
 Prs monthly review
 Magzines and current affairs (dec to june)



We need to revise 3 times and 30 mock tests (20 individual + 10 mock tests)



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