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1. A Superbug is also referred to as an Antibiotic resistant organism.

2. Smartphone’s, ATM’s, Door handles etc are some of the common places were superbugs are found.

3. Recently a group of scientists have proposed a transparent coating for everyday items as potential solution to protect against Superbugs.


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  1. Mouse lemurs are small, nocturnal (active at night) primates, which are found only in Madagascar — and they all look very similar with their brown fur and large eyes.
  2. 1According to the “Red List” of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) more than 100 known species of lemurs are threatened by extinction and represent the world’s most endangered group of mammals, researchers have said.


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Indian Army at regular intervals undertakes such battle exercises at different levels to ensure forces are provided war-like situations and kept in high-state of battle readiness as part of so called Cold Start Doctrine.

The doctrine involves the various branches of India’s military conducting offensive operations against enemy (mainly Pakistan) as part of unified battle groups. It would involve limited, rapid armoured thrusts, with infantry and necessary air support. Under it, the offensive operations must begin within 48 hours after orders have been issued. Such a limited response time would enable Indian forces to surprise their enemy. It is intended to allow India’s conventional forces to perform holding attacks in order to prevent a nuclear retaliation from the enemy.